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Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
Call me crazy but to me being able to "pull hard no matter what gear and what RPM you are at" does not sound like a good time. It sounds like something that would be reallllly fun iniitially but once the novelty wore off you would have no "racing" experience that so many M owners enjoy from their M cars. It really takes away any point to shifting the DCT tranny when it really does not matter what gear and what rpm you are in to feel a surge of power.
It is an executive saloon! It needs the torque to haul all that weight around! Plus you can still redline this engine and have fun. While not as linear as the S85 or S63, power up top certainly does not dive down. Looking at the dyno graph for this car, peak power can be maintained at redline which is very impressive. Trust me, the thrust of being kicked back in your seat will not be a novelty. The gimmicky faux-engine sound audio device thing will be a novelty. Hope that is not standard equipment.
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