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I guess I am the minority but the e60 m5 felt like you were driving an F1 car (obviously for those who actually do not drive races). The hardcore shifts, the redline needing to be strategically kept in the upper band, using the gearing to keep the revs high and hearing that f1 exhaust note. To me the gritty edge of the e60 was not its downfall but rather its best quality.

This new one is overly smooth which to me the bottom line is this vehicle was already available and its called Audi or Merc! Maybe pushed to the limits the M5 will outperform the competition but for 99 percent of the time there is no real benefit of this over a loaded AMG E class v. the e60 had absolutely no other competitor car in its class that could compete with its high revving engine, SMG tranny and exhaust note. It was special and this is not.