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Originally Posted by Kayani_1 View Post
No offense.....but it seems like you have over dosed on KoolAid already by buying an M3. I guess all the praise the M3 gets....does not seem too unfair to you.

Anyways bottom line is the M cars have always been better then the competition as an all rounder. There are cars that can go faster, or are cheaper, go faster around the track. But none of them can package it all like M does in perfect dose of each. This was the case with M3 or last M5 etc. The M6 did not get the praise from the press as you suggested. You know why because BMW could have done a lot more to it and just left it as sort of half finished job as a 2 door M5. So the Koolaid that press gives you to drink is not so sweet when the car itself is not all that.

If the car is really good...... what do you want them to say?..... it is not good. Press did not like M6 but loved M5 and M3. So I think that is a bogus claim.The MB AMG cars can go fast but can't handle like BMW M cars and that is a fact not a myth. Now your heart is set on a CLS 63AMG so you can go around and feel better by claiming that press is bias against MB and others when it comes to an M car.

If you think press is so bias and feeds you great koolaid. Then why did you not buy the C63 AMG and refused to drink Koolaid seems like after all their must be something in that koolaid as you went out and bought over hyped M3.

Give us one instance where press compared the M car and AMG car was actually better and I will put some merit in your post.
For the most part I agree. Anyone who isn't a fanboy can tell you that there are cars better for handling (Mitsubishi Evo) or can drive quicker in a straight line (any competing AMG Merc) but BMW does it better as a whole package which has been their focus. I read in another thread that a user would rather purchase an E63 because the 0-60 time was in the 3 second range while the M5 was in the mid-4's trying to downplay how good the F10 M5 really is. The C63 has a 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds vs. the M3's mid-4's. Even to this day, without nitpicking at individual things and looking at the car as a whole, which has been the better car?

As positive as these reviews/first tests have been, you can't really come to a conclusion other than that the F10 M5 is an amazing machine, standing by itself (like you would think otherwise for a M car.) Before we can say how good the M5 really is, we will need the comparisons against the competition.

Originally Posted by bmwSC8 View Post
I can already foresee another super saloon shoot-out on the next season of Top Gear.
Clarkson drives the E63
Hammond drives the M5
Captain Slow drives the slowest car there... I'm guessing Audi or Jag

Predictable but as if you aren't going to watch it
I think that might come well after the release of the M5. I think for the initial review, James May is doing a solo like he did with the 760Li. But regardless if that may or may not happen, would definitely love to see the three-way comparison!