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Originally Posted by HHSAM View Post
You had to wait till the break in period then drive the way you said you drove the car in another thread.

I hope they fix the problem or replace the car for you

my advice is be completely cooperative with the dealer
Thanks, but the break-in is about engine and transmission, not about "drive on perfect roads with no bumps", there is no relation between it.

As for driving it, I drove it in bursts similar to overtaking on a high-way, most of my "spirited" driving was in maneuvering between traffic I bought this car to drive it I'm confident there would be hard limitations if it was otherwise. It would be a absurd if the car was not designed or expected to be driven hard even during the break-in period. It's German engineering high-performance, everyday car with years and hundreds of thousands resource, not a Russian roulette or a deck card house. I've done a fair bit of reading and education in the last few days about break-in period and those are what I learned.

On topic: the dealership returned me the car today perfectly assembled, with no damages and absolutely no sounds at rough roads. Even the "sound from rear" is gone now, although the dealership said they'll replace shock absorbers and consult with BMW Germany about the issue. The car is waxed, leather creamed and sitting in a heated garage now and I'm one happy M driver now

The dealership drove the car much worse on severed roads for about 80-100 km according to mileage that I measured 5 days ago before giving it to them, I don't blame them because that was the only way to hear the sound.

They ordered a new set of shock absorbers to arrive in a few weeks and that they will send a report to BMW and consult about the nature of their discovery.

They returned me the car today and it was very well cleaned, assembled and tightened. I took it to the car wash, wax and creme and it's in a better condition than when I took delivery most interestingly I didn't hear that sound anymore today when driving on speedbumps. Maybe I was being paranoid with the sound, maybe their re-tightening of suspension because I don't hear it anymore.

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