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Originally Posted by Aussie F10M View Post
My sound coming from the rear is definitely getting worse. Much more noticeable now and seemingly more frequent. I think I am at the point where I am going to have to do something about it. Did your service guys manage to work out what the cause of the sound was ?
It was the same with me, the sound kept getting worse and worse as if there was a loose heavy iron tube in the rear of my car, heavy "clung".

My shock absorbers were replaced 2 days ago. I didn't notice anything during test drive but I warned them that if the sound is back, I will be back. Shortly after I left the dealership with new shock absorbers, crossed a tram railway and there it was, loud and clear. New shock absorbers reduced the sound, but it's still there and I can hear it.

Maybe replacing springs or bearings would help? They were ordered in the same package with shock absorbers. One technician also told me that this is a constructive "specialty" or defect of these kinds of shock absorbers. When I didn't hear it during test drive 2 days ago, he said "but the sound will return in about 2500 kms and you can come back and ask for another replacement". But as I see now it's more than shock absorbers, it's something else too.

Bottom line: shock absorbers replaced, "clung" sound on bumps is less loud but still there. Going for another service appointment tomorrow.