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Originally Posted by MthreeWannabe View Post
I like how he didn't even entertain the idea of an M4, he just referred to it strictly as M3. Fingers crossed they don't jack up the name of the 2 door M3!!!!
That's not exactly accurate. Everyone refers to the next 'M3' simply out of habit and convenience and because of course no one is going to refer to an 'M4' at this point even if it's been decided upon.

If you look at one of the interview responses (copied below), it's clear that they at least acknowledge that there's speculation out there that the next generation models may not all be called an M3.

I [Schemera] already had the chance to drive the new M3, or however it's called, and it's really really great. I can tell you that this new M3 at this stage is better than the previous one.
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