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Originally Posted by chrisny View Post
Do I understand this correctly:

M-performance is somewhere in between an actual ///M model (M3 etc) and the regular version of the car? Seems odd to me... A 335 to an M3 is only like .4 seconds difference to 0 mph to begin with.

So, would an "M-performance 335i" (if one exists/will exist) basically equate to the 335is?
Well I am pretty sure Car and Driver tested the 335i at 0-60 in 4.9 seconds and the M3 in 4.1 seconds, so thats a 0.8 second gap which is pretty big.

The M Performance version of a 335i would replace the 335is, there would not be an "is" and a "M Performance" version.

take for instance the new X6, you can get the M Performance package which boosts the power to 315 on the 35i or 440 on the 50i, but there is no "is" offered. Basically its a re-badging of the "is" to capitalize on the M brand name. and with the new M3, I would bet 0-60 times will be under 4.0 seconds, so something in the low to mid 4s will be appreciated by some who can't afford a full blown M3. Although who is BMW kidding with the 15 extra horsepower? that is a joke! it needs the 1M HP ratings of around 340 to really be worth any extra charge, you can get simple cpu chip upgrades for $1,000 that give you more than 15 HP!