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Originally Posted by chrisny
Thanks for the clarification. I thought the M3 was more like 4.3 but either way, knowing it replace the "is" makes more sense, though IMO just makes it more confusing, we all knew what the is was.

Re: the s4 competition though, isn't that already the 335? I would expect the M335i to beat the S4 not match it, and cost more. Basically creates a 4th segment that Audi doesn't compete in ( nor anyone else), which certainly isn't a bad thing for us...
For 0-60 times the 335i and S4 are pretty close if not exact. But my money would always be on the S4 because of better traction. As far as track times I think the S4 is more like the 335is or in between the 335i and 335is. As far as style (sporty looks) inside and out the S4 is much nicer than a 335i. But if they make a M performance with m sport exterior and M seats that would compete head on with the S4. Also remember 0-60 times aren't the only thing buyers look at, price and AWD may sway some to the Audi over a 335i with M performance.

Also just to clarify M Performance package and M Performance car are different things. For instance the US is getting the X6 with an optional M Performance "package" which is different than the X6 M performance Diesel Europe is getting.
The M performance option on a 335i or Z4 35i would not be the same as if they made a Z4 M performance car. It's a package vs a model option.