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Originally Posted by ATX78703 View Post
I am still hoping and praying that maybe they bring the M135i over as the first M performance vehicle. I know they dont think we deserve a premium luxury compact hatch, but maybe the business case doesnt have to be that convincing for just the M performance model.
Right and they are going to do millions of dollars of mandated homologation testing for a single model that will be extremely low volume in a price point that will be too high to compete with the competition.... not happening. If anything they would bring the volume seller over in hatch form and then the low volume high performance model. Plus they do not want to compete with MINI and take away sales from them.

The US is not getting a hatch unless they have no other way of hitting CAFE numbers and then it will be a frugally priced model.

The X1 is here and it is priced right to sell in volumes. The X1 is not competing with the Countryman on many levels but that is part of the reason for no manual, that and it would be very low volume.

The Z4 will get the M Performance treatment and then one would expect the X1 to. I doubt they are going to launch with that this fall- maybe they are but I doubt it so that would put it off to at least next March- meaning the Z4 may come at the same time.