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I have in several of my posts, remarked that both my Frozen Gray M3 and M5 are maintenance free. I don't do anything special other than the manual car wash at the gas station. I love the frozen paint work for its maintenance free nature. There is no need to deal with water mark on this paint work and dust and dirt don't show up until its downright filthy.

Concerning the last point however, some fellow frozen color owners have recently raised the point that my frozen gray is so maintenance free becos it's gray. Gray colored cars are inherently less maintenance intensive, so it's not so much the frozen treatment, but the gray that is helping. A frozen black owner bitched about his paint job saying it's about the same as normal glossy black. If that is true, it's quite safe for u to go with Frozen Silver as silver colored cars are easy to maintain as well

If i have to do it again, i will get the same Frozen Gray for both my rides a few times over
- Frozen Grey F10 M5 DCT
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