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Originally Posted by 09BlkSapphire View Post
An m235i probably doesn't rule out an M2 since there's both a M550d and an M5.
True. The question is, what would power an M2?

It is an even bigger unknown than what will power the M3/M4. The most obvious answer is probably to take the M3/M4 engine (whatever it might be), detune it or modify it in some way for a bit less power, and use that. At the same time there has been rumors (mostly from SCOTT) that the M2 would see M Division return to a 4 cylinder engine which they have not featured since the E30 M3. However, it remains uncertain whether they can build an I4 that makes upwards of 350hp or so, yet remains fuel efficient and performs up to BMW standards for smooth power delivery and durability.
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