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Thanks for all the responses. Good to know it is not unusual. I have an xdrive50i X5 which chews through oil like petrol so am hoping the M5 does not go the same way.

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Can't comment on the M5 but my M3 and 335 used a bit of oil in the first 5000 km. It should settle down.

There is some debate on what oil to use for the S63Tu. Best to call dealer and talk to a real expert there.

OT but how has the car been working? Any update to your original owner thread ? Thx.
Not really too much to update. I was going to wait until the 2000k break in service before I gave a more in depth update.

What I can say at the moment is the car's power is really very very difficult to use on the street. Anytime I put the foot down (and I mean anytime) I get the traction light flashing at me. I think the only real place you can explore the power without the light coming on is on the track (mind you having said that in the couple of times I have driven the M5 on the track in Spain and in Australia I managed to get the light blinking at 170k+ so maybe my analysis is not right !).

When I put the car in MDM to try and reduce the light flashing I get so much noise from the rear tyres that it is a little embarrassing.

I am sure I will find the right solution, just a matter of time.

I love the fact that most people don't know what the car is or what it is capable of. I am liking that more and more. It really is stealth.

Apart from that I am happy with the car now as I was on day 1.

I have a couple of minor gripes:

1. rolling bar sound in the rear;
2. oil (although that sounds like it is normal)
3. in such a well designed interior it is bugging me that the trunk release button looks like it has been added as an afterthought down in the footwell (small point but once you notice things like that it is hard to let them go)
4. I liked in the M3 the subtle differences between each of the 6 DCT settings in each mode - I would prefer to have more than the 3, but I am just that kind of guy
5. putting stop start on a 560hp V8 is crazy - I want a way to disable it permanently so that I don't have to do it every time I start it. I can't get used to the car stopping all the time.

Apart from these things I am loving the car. The sound from the engine is just brilliant. The whooosh of the turbos under load it quite intoxicating.
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