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Originally Posted by Aussie F10M View Post
3. in such a well designed interior it is bugging me that the trunk release button looks like it has been added as an afterthought down in the footwell (small point but once you notice things like that it is hard to let them go)
4. I liked in the M3 the subtle differences between each of the 6 DCT settings in each mode - I would prefer to have more than the 3, but I am just that kind of guy
5. putting stop start on a 560hp V8 is crazy - I want a way to disable it permanently so that I don't have to do it every time I start it. I can't get used to the car stopping all the time.

3. Its the standard place BMW put it. they have been doing so for decades.

4. Last time they put more settings and everyone complained there were too many.

5. Stop start will be required on all Euro cars soon. So even Ferrari is testing it to go in their cars. By law there they cannot make it default off anymore.
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