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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
I don't recommend covering part of any panel, especially the hood because you'll definitely see and feel it; an edge in the middle of a panel is noticeable from a few feet away -- but like I said, with the way the M5 is shaped, I don't think the hood will be a target for debris because the front bumper comes all the way up and even back a bit, so I wouldn't cover the hood at all if it were mine.

As for the whole tactile benefit of a completely covered car, I don't catch myself running my hand across panels very much, so I don't think the transition from a metal panel to a VentureShield-protected panel would ever really happen. I tend not to run my hand across a car at all to avoid leaving streak marks anyway, but even if I did, I think the cost of covering the entire car and ending up always feeling plastic would be far worse to me than feeling a transition from metal to plastic. Also, keep in mind that the front bumper and mirror covers are plastic ANYWAY.
Yea, covering the whole car is no fun. I still look forward to washing and waxing my cars. Full bra would take that away. On my current C63, the hood actually extends and overlaps my grill.

Here's a good representation of why it won't be necessary to clear bra the hood. Only the front portion and bumper would need to be wrapped.