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Originally Posted by ddmerino View Post
From what I understand, U.S. delivery will have to come out of the allocations for the Dealership. Anybody, correct me if I am wrong. As far as ED is concerned, it is not taken from the Dealer's allocation. So in short, unless you are doing ED, you will have to be already in the dealer's list to get the cars out of the Delearship's initial allocation, otherwise, you will have to wait. I think what you can do in this case is to look for other dealers in areas that may not have anyone on their list yet especially in smaller market areas (even if it is outside your State).
Thanks, but maybe I phrased it a little incorrectly. I am #1 on my dealer's list because I put a deposit down about a year and half ago. I am doing ED, but the dealer has confirmed I am his first M5 regardless. My dealer happens to also be one of the top M sales guys in the country, so now I'm just trying to understand how BMW's process works since they clearly will not have enough M5's in production (starting in July) to fulfill all of the demand in the US with the late August/early September deliveries.