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Originally Posted by Dan81 View Post
I contacted my local dealer this week in an attempt to order a new M5 and was quoted market price plus $20,000 premuim above MSRP. I just wondered whether other dealerships are quoting similar premiums?
The dealer you contacted is an example of a greedy one just what one of the guys in this forum mentioned. The dealer is trying to fleece you, the buyer, who may be willing to "bite the bullet" taking advantage of the "expected" and "anticipated" flurries of orders. Initially, this may work but in the long run, he will starve his delearship. My suggestion is to look around. Even here in the tristate area (NY,NJ,Conn), I was able to find several BMW dealership with fair pricing. The maximum "premium" that I got was $5000 and the least was $1000 over MSRP. I am sure if I can find these dealers, you too should be able to find a dealer in/around your area who will have fair pricing. I will drop like a hot potato this greedy dealer you contacted unless you don't care and you have the money to burn. You could also wait it out until the flurries of initial orders abate, as I am sure the pricing will settle -- in this economy, $100,000 is no easy amount to come by.