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Originally Posted by matthewEW View Post
It is called capitalism! The price of commodities is not fixed by government, but by the market forces themselves -- supply and demand.
I believe Canada as well as Europe is a more regulated market. For example, although gas prices are high in Canada, do you think any gas station there can just charge $3.00 or more for the gas if you use a charge card as oppose to paying in cash -- this is the case here (in some States)? I think market prices there are more regulated. Nowadays, the current democrat administration is trying to regulate everything, be it our lives or commodity prices, so maybe the U.S. is moving towards that goal of a more (or over) regulated market.

The only rule for the prices is that it has to be posted but some unscrupulous gas station only post the cash price and not the price when one uses a charge or credit card.

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