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Originally Posted by dingding View Post
Cars sold through ED generally do not come out of the dealer's allocation--in the past M cars and newly introduced models where supply is limited (e.g. coupes and convertibles in 2007) have reduced a dealer's allocation. The net result--a dealer is selling an extra car, rather than one of his allocated cars that he could sell to someone else at close to MSRP, as is the case with US delivery. Not all dealers realize that ED cars are basically bonus sales. Many refuse to negotiate off of the ED MSRP price, or try to explain that there are extra costs associated with ED for the dealer (where there are none). Generally speaking, if your dealer says this, you should look for another dealer. It is routine to pay $500 to $700 above Euro Delivery Wholesale Pricing (which should be provided to you), with no additional dealer fees aside from the typical tax, title and license fees (which vary from state to state). Note that the "Training Service Fee" is not to be charged for ED sales.
Thanks dingding. But, how and when does the dealer know he has this car available to him for ordering purposes. Hence my question, if there is no allocation required at this point, why can't an order be made now?

I have been told by 2 out of 3 dealers I am on the list with, that I will get ED MSRP on the base price of the car and full price for all options (7% off base only).

I do not need the car until late Oct-Nov, so I dont need to be #1 as I see it. But anything after Nov, I will probably put off until spring, as I dont want to be dealing with snow banks with 560hp.