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Originally Posted by GOLFFRR View Post
Ok so Ryan was a little confused on the questions so he answered a couple things.

First ED Process:
Ryan puts an order in our system, submit a euro pre-reservation, euro fill the order, and email a confirmation date and for the delivery to Ryan. He then follows up with the customer and finalizes the deal.

ED submitted orders (even though they don't come out of dealer allocation bank)
This is on the dealer. We have submitted orders to Euro already but haven't received a response yet. Your dealer can submit your ED orders now just depend on euro to get back to the dealer with confirmation.

Hope that helps? In a nutshell when doing ED, Euro controls the process we don't. We just submit the request and they grant them and let us know when everything will take place.

Feel free to email Ryan with any question
Hey thanks for the clairification guys. This really helps a lot. I'll be calling my dealer today.