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Can someone give me some good advice as to the latest date in the Fall that I should consider for a ED to avoid snow and wintry conditions? I plan to head south from Munich and mabe even drop it off south (Italy), but dont want to be dealing with 560hp and ice at the same time .
Thanks in advance.
October 15th is the date that you can no longer drive on summer tires in Germany. It's a law of some kind but I don't know the specifics. The M5 tires are certainly not allowed after that date.

I did my ED last year during the last two weeks of September. That put the end of my trip 2 weeks before the cutoff. I figured, if the law is October 15th then they must expect that bad weather can begin as early as that, so I gave myself a 2 week buffer.

I went south into Austria, Switzerland, Italy (lake Como), then back north into Germany and ended in Amsterdam. We encountered no bad weather but the Stelvio Pass was closed from snow the week before. The Fluella Pass was open and the road was clear but there was a foot of snow on the ground from the same storm. San Bernadino was open and there were only a few patches of snow here and there but none on the road. We had some light rain here and there, and it was gloomy and cold in Munich, but overall it was very nice weather.

The end of September is the latest I will go, unless I were picking up a xdrive car with appropriate tires.