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Originally Posted by Aussie F10M View Post
Ok, so my dealer just told me the car popped up in their system as needing the new coils. They will be issued from the factory in December this year. Not a safety issue, only comfort issue.

It is identical to what you were told Singularity.

At least a solution is on the way. Thanks BMW !

I would just like to emphasise at this point that this noise/issue has in no way affected my view of how awesome this car is.

And, much better response from BMW than their response in relation to the infamous DCT lag issue (which was a safety issue no less) on my early build M3.
For me it's a major flaw when driving on uneven roads, it is a big comfort issue. Releasing an already developed, stiffer new coil 1 year after the car is produced is in no way a prompt a response or a customer care. Everyone is different, but if I knew that I would have to drive 1 year with bung/dongs all day long on these roads I would have thought twice before buying this car. Myself and my car contributed much knowledge by frequent, heavy test drives on bad roads and disassembling most of components inside and outside the rear of the car, all to finding where this sound was coming from and communicating with BMW over telephone, emails and dealership.

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