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Originally Posted by TylerStarBmw View Post
There was a recent thread saying comfort access is only available in the executive package. When building it on BMWUSA there is no comfort access included in there, so i believe they changed it to just a standard option.
I don't think so. Sat Radio doesn't show up in the Executive Package either, and they've listed "Smartphone Integration" now, which is implied anyway by BMW Apps. Both Comfort Access and Sat Radio are listed in the Ordering Guide as part of that package but also available as no-charge standalone options (though not standard). I found that suspect initially, not so much that they'd be available standalone, but that they'd be no-charge options if they were. At this point I'm guessing that in reality, neither of those will be available standalone, nor will they be standard, and the configurator is just wrong; it wouldn't be the first time a new model has launched with bad configurator data. The M3 initially had incorrect package info after the MY2012 changes, and the 1M had issues before that. But I just PMed BMWNA_MGuy (Matt Russell, BMWNA M Brand Manager) about this and referenced this thread, so hopefully he chimes in.

If they're not standard or available standalone, that would be a major bummer for me because I want to avoid the Exec Package, not so much for the cost but because it includes options that I would prefer not to have even if they were free, primarily ventilated seats since they don't work well and the perforations make cleaning harder, and power tailgate and soft-close doors for high repair/replacement costs -- but I really like CA!! Oh well, maybe the fact that even without CA the car can be started without putting the key in the slot is enough. Pressing the fob to lock/unlock the doors isn't so bad, though it's a bit more irritating with the trunk, especially considering July production 5ers get the new "wiggle your foot under the bumper to open the trunk" feature as part of Comfort Access.
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