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Originally Posted by nybimmerfan View Post
I have a question addressed to those who have done previous ED. I'm sure some of your who drove off with their new cars would have surpassed the break-in period. Did you have to go to a local BMW dealer for "Break-in" service? If so, did you have to schedule the anticipated service at an anticipated location? I am trying to figure out where to do it during my ED tour in Southern Europe.
I did ED on my 1M last summer and scheduled a break-in service while I was in Greece. I recommend you do a little research before you schedule an appointment with any just BMW dealer in Europe. Originally I was going to have the closest BMW dealer do the service but after I spoke with them I realized they didn't even know what a 1M was!!! So I then decided to go to Athens (a 2 hour drive from where I was) and have a dealership in the wealthy side of town do the service since they dealt with M cars all the time.

I recommend you figure out where you are going to be when the mileage hits the Break-in service and than figure where the closest BMW dealer that deals with M cars on a regular basis is and schedule an appointment with them ahead of time. In my opinion, even if it is a 2 hour drive away it will be worth it rather than run into issues with them not having the proper fluids for M cars. You will have to pay for the service which will be expen$$ive!!! But, hold onto your receipts and submit them with your dealership when you get back to the states and they will reimburse you the full amount.

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