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Originally Posted by nybimmerfan View Post
I have read that 4500rpm, 100mph max are recommended during the 1200miles break-in period for the 5 series. Anybody know if this is the same with the 2013 M5? I'm sure that info will be in the Owner's Manual if anybody has one, especially our Canadian neighbors who have already taken delivery of their 2012 M5s, could you tell us what info you have. Thanks.
My Canadian spec car came with the same run-in limits. (170 km/hr = 105 mpg or so)

I was told that if I wanted the first service done in Europe I should pay for it and then submit the receipt to my dealer for reimbursment. If I wanted to exceed the run-in mileage during Euro delivery, no problem, just continue to observe the recommended limits.

There is plenty of fun to be had below 4500 rpm! Choose backroads and the 170 km/hr limit only comes into play occasionally.