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Originally Posted by puffysheep View Post
BMWs generally have good basic sound system but I always had premium sound on my cars except for my X5.
Oh, boy have I regretted that decision for the past few years especially on a long distance roadtrips on highways. Whenever I travel above 85 mph or above on my X5 and my sound volume increases accordingly, I can truly hear the difference between my X5 and other BMWs with premium sounds.
I have the Enhanced Premium Sound on my E60 M5, and it's a great system - or good enough for me at least! I'm sure you saw this in the other review, but the base US F10 M5's have the Professional Sound system that is an option everywhere else in the world. So I'm assuming the F10 base sound system is the equivalent of the Enhanced Premium Sound that was a $700 option in the E60 M5s. Given this, I'm still on the fence about whether the B&O system is worth the $3,700. If the other member who compared the two systems back-to-back had noticed a small improvement in sound quality, then that combined with the better looks of the B&O system would have put me over the top. But if the only benefit is the appearance of the B&O system vs. the base system, then $3,700 just feels like a steep price to me.