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Originally Posted by AGS View Post
OK, I've got a question for the wheel experts. Or, any F10 M5 owners who may have done a test fit. I have a set of OEM M6 wheels I use for my winter tire set on my E60 M5. I'm wondering if I can use them on my incoming F10 M5? For reference, the relevant offsets are:

F10 M5
9Jx19 ET32
10Jx19 ET34

9Jx20 ET34
10Jx20 ET34

E63 M6
8.5Jx19 ET12
9.5Jx19 ET17

I'm by no means an expert at wheel fitment, but it seems feasible with spacers (if using such large spacers is advisable). Can anyone provide any advice/feedback? Thanks in advance for any help!
Simple answer: They WON'T fit!
Sorry to disappoint you! THe wheels of the new M5 would fit your M6 IF SPACERS used;
A lower offset will result in wider fitment = more outside the car..

Also Do not forget the new 5 series chassis is very very sensitive to changes!

I would sell the current set and look for right winter wheels ;-)