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Originally Posted by clar View Post
Why do u say that? Care to share?
I do wanna share but explaining this in english is not that simple; I'll try

For current F10 chassis we have noticed (see post above) that we got many phone call from people using BMW wheels with slightly different offsets...
wait recap simply put:

The sharper you can drive = the sharper the chassis is configured, cfr Porsche GTx series etc ..
BMW did a great job with F1x series but is less forgiving for off balanced tires/ wheels.
Also the center'nose' to keep your wheels centered is shorter than previous, ..

Imagine the M5, where the chassis has major upgrades compared to regular F10 .. with the back directly fitted to rear ax (cfr
) it will certainly not be less sensitive ;-)

Result of off balance is the car driving not straight, always searching to go right .. enjoying vibration, although tireshops do have reports of well balanced wheels.