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No carwash for Carbon Ceramic Brakes

I always trust the technical guys, never the sales guys at the dealership;
That's why I ended up choosing a smaller more familiar dealership, because I am able to talk with the lead technicians and I am allowed to be present in the workshop;
Now As my M5 is their first and I regular talk to these guys, he told me that he took a course last week for the M5; Telling me that they had to remove complete engine, demount the carter & stuff like that, but also that for 2013 ( production august here in EU) the option to order Ceramic Brakes will become available! He said it would be a very expensive set and he wasn't keen on it as the course stated you can't drive through carwash , duh you can but it is subscribed not to do this

I am not a carwash fan however, during winter our roads are salty and then I use carwashes to clean the bottom of the car..
Admitting I am tempted to upgrade brakes after a while, hearing this was confusing but thought it was worth sharing it.