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Originally Posted by LAKEOM5 View Post
Serious Question:

Why don't you just drive the OEM 20's with Pilot SS year round? The winters in our town are pretty mild and the days that aren't you don't want that car on the road anyway.

I plan on going with the OEM set up year round, if the weather sucks I will drive my Tahoe.
Couple reasons.

First off, the PSS are summer tires and not all-seasons. So even in minimal snow/slush/rain and temps below 40 they are not great. I got stuck on Barber blvd several years back in my 335i in a dusting!!

I have an SUV that I should use in theory if the weather is bad. I just like driving my Ms so much that I usually "risk" it.

I get bored with the same look. So I typically get a winter wheel/tire set that looks different, like say gunmetal or black. Just so I can look forward to the 20s again each spring.

I run my winters Thanksgiving-Easter. So I get twice the life on my OEM summers since they are only getting 5k mi/yr.

I love passing Subarus in my M with snow on the ground. I buy hi performance winters that perform amazingly well on cold dry pavement. I can drive the car hard year around.

I love buying tires.

etc etc.

But yes. If I was disciplined I could park the M on its summer tires whenever the weather was questionable. But what fun would that be!!??
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