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Originally Posted by jmh View Post
Just wanted to give Nate @IND big props !!!
Today I received my painted reflectors, front and side grills.
I have to tell folks that dealing with him has been one of the most positive experience ever and their
service is top notch. The packaging of the parts is unbelievable and I have NEVER seen parts so well protected. I've dealt with many aftermarket companies and bought plenty of parts but IND has set a new standard.
The parts will travel with me to Germany and the plan is to install them right after taking delivery
(after all I have the shop foreman and general manager of my BMW dealer come with me on my ED trip ) .
Looking forward to doing more business with IND .

- Jan
Originally Posted by Bmill View Post
The Sappire black grills above I believe are mine! They just arrived at my house ( more than I can say for my car, stuck at the USA port!). Completing the set of parts.

I'm not one to give out out comments to companies very easily but these guys are rock stars in all aspects, heck even the packing is unbelievably well done. The attention to details, care for customers and quality are outstanding.
Thanks for the kind words guys! We are hardcore BMW enthusiast at iND and you can see this in the way we package all parts that ship out.

Originally Posted by johntomferg View Post
Nate, do you or will you have any grill options for those of us taking the night vision option on our M5s?
I have the night vision grilles in the works right now. We will have gloss black ones in a few weeks.