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we have not tried putting on the grills on any F10 with the night vision option, sorry guys. we havent had one locally come in.

Originally Posted by SirNicholas View Post
Any chance of gloss in the future?
if anything comes out we will for sure be posting it up =) as of now there is no eta of gloss black. some have chosen to purchase the matte black and paint them because if the stock ones were painted, if they were for some reason ever to chip, the chrome will be seen.

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Do you know if the stickers from the OEM side gills are like the ones from the 1M or M3? I ask because those have an aluminum backing that damage when being replaced. I had that issue on my M3 and am wondering if I will experience the same here. Thanks again.
it is the same but we have done it before, it has to be done very carefully