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Originally Posted by Andrew@IND View Post
Short of taking the F10 to a local paint shop and having them mask the car the only other solution we can think of is vinyl. It is not the most cutting edge solution, but it is nonetheless a solution. Upon taking delivery of our beast we will look into making a template for M5post members.
Wow IND - great work! My Silverstone with Black leather is set for Welt delivery 22 Sept 2012 and I would love to have the grills (fronts/sides) and side reflectors done ASAP.

Do you have a photoshop pics with all done in Silverstone??? While I am not 100% convinced that I would go that route - would like to see the possiblity of it. Otherwise - do you have any pics with the reflectors installed in Silverstone and the front and side grilles done in gloss black?

I am a new member on F10 M5 post - Please let me know cost and how quickly I can get them?