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Originally Posted by clar View Post
The problem is not really that serious honestly. I won't even call it a defect. Apart from going over bumps, you won't notice it in normal driving. If u go over speed bumps slowly, u don't even notice it. Of course they should fix it, but don't let that spoil your fun. I don't even remember this issue anymore until i read this thread again.
I realize this, but it's still a problem. First, who knows what damage it causes to other parts when it happens. Second, I will need to have the springs replaced, and I don't want the dealer to have to mess with my new car. I have bad experience with dealers fixing one problem (or not even fixing it) while causing another mechanical problem or cosmetic damage. I accept it as inevitable on an old car, but not on a new car, and certainly not on a new >$100K car. If I need to wait a few months to avoid all this, I will wait...