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Talking Official SINGAPORE GRAY / GREY F10 M5 Photos Thread

My SG M5 arrived at the dealer late last night and I got a chance to stop in and snap a couple of photos this AM.

The dealer is about 30 miles away from my home and as you can see from the photo I snapped on the way that the weather here in IL is not the best to take delivery today. With my luck 3 blocks from the dealer and a hail storm or tornado would drop down. So I'm picking up the beast this Tuesday. Can't wait!

Car is specs are SG, Silverstone leather (not full), exec package, and I didn't opt for the B&O system. After hearing it I decided it wasn't enough "Bang" for the buck.

At first glance the pictures really don't do justice to the color. A lot of members have already mentioned this, but really in person it is a thing of beauty. One thing I did notice is that compared to my 09 M3 with the same spec'd color leather, this leather isn't as gray. Really appears more oyster than anything else. In either case, the finish is just top notch, comfortable and hugs quite nicely. I did point out the missing 2 adjustments (18 vs 20 way) and the dealer agreed this was something odd. They will have an answer for me when I take delivery Tuesday so I'll be sure to share what they come up with.

More pics and impressions to follow this Tuesday. Did I mention I can't wait??
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