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Originally Posted by puffysheep View Post
Hey all,

I took my 2013 F10 M5 delivery at the BMW Welt on September 1st 2012.
My specs were Monte Carlo Blue/Full Silverstone, Executive Package, Driver's Package, 20" Wheels and B&O System.

This car is my 4th BMW but it was my first European Delivery.
People will tell you there are many different ways to get your BMW but from now on all my future BMWs will only be through European Deliveries.

Everything from check-in, access to the VIP lounge, factory visit, museum visit, pick-up, drive on the autobahn and drop-off were all perfect.
To be really frank, I've been to BMW Welt several times before but it's a totally different kind of experience to actually pick-up a car there.

From marketing perspectives, it was really amazing to see how well BMW built this entire European Delivery Program to lock-in loyal customers through lifestyle experience.
For those of you considering a BMW purchase, I highly recommend the European delivery!

Lastly, as many of the post members have already said, BMW F10 M5 truly is an Ultimate Driving Machine.
With dual personality of sportiness and comfort, along with functionality for the daily use, you can't really go wrong with this car.
For those who are fortunate enough to afford this car, don't hesitate for a second because it really delivers and then some more.

Here are some of the pictures!
Agree completely. Everything was top notch. BMW really went out of their way to make you feel special on your delivery day.

BTW puffysheep, just realized something humerous. I have almost the same build as you (minus the Full interior) and was just 1 number off on the license plate!
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