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Originally Posted by mwlmd View Post
My local installer uses Xpel ultimate and 3M. He said the Xpel is more expensive but doesn't have a clear coat and over time can become hazy. Has anyone experienced this? My car is white.
Actually the exact opposite is true. 3M doesn't have a clearcoat, and Xpel Ultimate has a self healing clear coat.

There are cheaper Xpel products without clearcoat, but the Xpel Ultimate is not one of them.

Quite frankly any installer who recommends 3M over Xpel Ultimate doesn't know his stuff. I wouldn't go with an installer who doesn't know the product space.

Regarding the yellowing, there are some products which will yellow any film. I emailed Xpel when I did my 550i, and this is what they told me:

Originally Posted by Tim Hartt, Xpel
What you want to watch out for is sealants, waxes or polishes that contain a large amount of either naphtha or kerosene. These are common ingredients, which if high enough in concentration, can cause polyurethane (no matter what brand it is) to discolor over time. One irony in the paint protection film industry is that one of the most commonly prescribed products by unwitting installers to use on paint protection film is Plexus, which is 23% naphtha. We have conducted lab studies with this product and found that it does indeed cause paint protection film to yellow horrendously if used repeatedly over time. Most customers simply don't notice because their car is not white or silver, and they like that it makes the film feel slippery.

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