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The tech @ the shop did the fitting himself and he said the current inner barrel is actually touching the caliper (not the spokes), thus there is no way for the wheel to rotate freely, meaning it is at least 10mm (need a min of 5mm cushion gap between the barrel & brake caliper)from freeing it. He took the measurement himself and he will speak to the wheel manuf (Forgeline) on Monday morning to see if they can re-design/re-shape the contour of the barrel enough to make it structurally safe at the same time. I will know the answer by mid to end of this week. If not possible, I will get my full payment back, as I stipulated on my order that "subject to test fitting and final brake clearance of the wheels". By the way, the wheel shop does lots of Porsche & BMW & Audi, it has a 2-car Porsche racing team that runs in weekend competition, therefore, the tech guy knows exactly what he is talking about.

Forgeline wheels are hubcentric and they manf. know it's 72.56mm bore. The major issue is that our M5 front brakes @ 400mm is even larger than a typical Porsche front brake.

I have already begun my search for backup wheels and it will be 19" BMW stock 345M wheels which I will order from the States and in all, the wheels alone will be about $3000 (shipping, duties/taxes incl.). Once the word comes in later this week, I will have to act upon it and will have to order immediately.

Stay tuned and I will disclose the answer later this week.

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That scares the crap out of me. Its just crazy that they dont fit when made to stock size! That must mean the clearance on the stock 19's was nearly non-existant. My winter tires are coming pre-mounted because it worked out way cheaper for me that way.

How bad was the rub; how much more clearance did it need? Did you measure the wheels to see if they were, in fact, made to the right spec? Have you by chance figured out the minimum brake clearance requirement (I think Im going to try to talk to the master tech at my shop and figure that out tomorrow)?

If they were machined right, the only thing I can think of off hand is the hub diameter. Are the forgeline's hub-centric? As far as I know the correct center bore for the F10 M5 is 72.56mm. My master tech told me that the car needs hub-centric wheels to be properly stable and Ive heard from other places that some cars that demand hub centric wheels dont always center correctly off of just the nuts. If that is the issue, you might be able to get a quick fix with some spacers.

Keep us posted, Ill have them do a trial fit on my set when they come in and let you know if it works (I think the ship date is Sept 19 so I should get them a week or so later).

Good Luck.

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