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IND Painted Reflector Installation Procedure

IND Painted Reflector Installation Procedure

Painted reflectors are among the first additions made by any owner of a modern BMW. The unsightly orange reflectors installed in cars bound for North America instantly break the smooth lines of BMW bumpers, and the F10 M5 is no different.

IND provides painted reflectors as a cost effective solution. We use OE BMW reflectors for a factory fit, and the same paint process we would use to repaint an entire car. Each reflector is sanded, prepped for paint, primed, then painted.

Many enthusiasts enjoy installing their own painted reflectors, so we’ve created this installation DIY to help.

Tools needed:
  • 8mm socket and ratchet
  • Alcohol solvent or cleaner

First, turn the steering wheel to full lock, in any direction. This will expose the fender liner.

With the fender liner exposed, begin removing the 8mm screws near the front reflectors.

Slide your hand behind the fender liner, to access the back of the painted reflector. You’ll need to keep your hand on the back of the reflector to control it’s movement as you remove it from the bumper.

Push on the face of the reflector. This will eventually release the adhesive backing on the reflector from the inside of the bumper, and will free the reflector. Be careful not to drop the reflector inside the bumper during this step, as it may come free suddenly! At this point you can remove the OE amber reflector.

Remove any remaining adhesive tape by peeling it from the inside of the bumper.

Soak a rag in an alcohol-based cleaner, and clean the inside surface of the bumper. This will prepare the area for a strong bond with the new adhesive.

Take the new IND painted reflector, and remove the film covering the adhesive tape.

Slide the reflector into the bumper. Be careful not to touch the adhesive tape during this step.

Align the reflector with it’s opening, and press the reflector against the inside of the bumper. Hold the reflector for several seconds to ensure that the adhesive has a strong grip.

That’s it! Now simply turn the wheel to full lock on the opposite side, and repeat the process.