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Originally Posted by SleepTight View Post
I'd prefer to go with 19s for a winter set up as well, but apparently no aftermarket vendors will guarantee fitment with a 19-inch wheel. That leaves you with the stock 19s from BMW as your only choice. For the money, you could go BBS or HRE, but then you're on your own if if they don't fit.
Originally Posted by bobblehead View Post
That's exactly what I was told by online vendors & local vendors.

I learnt this lesson just now and luckily, the wheel manuf. admitted they were wrong right from the start by guaranteeing their wheels will fit and clear the M5 front brak caliper. Otherwise, I am stuck with a $5000 alum coffee table.

Therefore, for all of you looking for aftermarket 19" ... be careful and ask questions.
Earlier in this thread (post #11) I mentioned that I'm researching whether I can use the winter setup for my E60 M5 on the new F10 M5. I use a set of OEM E63 M6 wheels (F 8.5x19 ET12; R 9.5x19 ET17). I ran an analysis on a spread sheet to see how the different wheel widths and offsets from the stock F10 M5 wheels would impact internal and external clearance. Internal clearance increases by 23-28 mm and external clearance decreases by 11 - 16 mm. So the wheels sit farther away from the body of the car, with a change in the wheel centerline of 17 - 22 mm farther out from the body. The only question that is unresolved is will the barrel of the wheel clear the calipers.

I passed my spread sheet along to my CA, who sent it to the US M-brand manager, who in turn sent it to the M engineers in Munich to review and oppine. I've not heard anything back yet but the US M-brand manager assured my CA they are working on it. In any event, my F10 M5 should be here by the end of the month at which time I can test fit them myself and report back on the fit.
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