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With straight fitting onto the hub, the caliper is touching/sitting on the inner barrel in which it actually will make the bore hole to be misaligned. There is simply no way for the wheel to rotate freely.

The way the GA1R wheel is made ... the barrel slope a bit downwards from where the spokes. That means, right behind the spokes is the highest point of the inner barrel, the wheel shop was suggesting to Forgeline if that can be smoothed out but Forgeline did not put that into their CAD for recalculation. Therefore, Steve Schardt of Forgeline will not do further follow up and simply responded to me by saying 'Sorry'.

Apparently, the wheel shop was showing me several forged wheels which each design has a slight variation of how the inner barrel is contoured and shaped. The wheel shop was showing me two HRE wheels and I can actually see there is a very slight variation of the inner barrel.

Anyway, the wheel shop did say your CCW wheels should be alright ... at least on paper. When you get yours for actual fitting, I like to hear your outcome. I really hope yours will turn out to have no issue at all, thus the bloggers here will know what aftermarket 19" wheels are safe to buy.

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I was taking a look at some pictures of the forgelines...are the callipers contacting on that neck-like portion just behind the front of the wheel where the barrel narrows? Getting the wrong offset and contacting the spokes I could understand, but, you would figure that a 19" barrel is a 19" barrel. Still waiting for mine, I hope I dont end up with cool looking furniture.