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Originally Posted by TommyAD View Post
Hey m-ch,

actually im from Germany :-)

Well the differance between us and the mentioned tuners is, that we are specialized in software, we develope our own stuff and are not buying from outside.

And yes all tuners offer a Stage 1 but as I said we want to have the strongest on the street and not on the paper. How many dynosheets you saw from other tuners? I think until now only we have before and after dynosheets.

There is a lot of potential in the engine, our X5M/X6M RS720 setup is the strongest available on the market. At least if you compare videos and office races to argue with.

So as I said there is a differance between putting something on the website and advertise it and actually having it ready :-)
HI Thommy, than probably you followed as well the tread in about tuning the m5f10 and the experienced we maid be asking several tuners (also pp-peformance was asked by one member).
I dont want to make a big thing on it, but at the end there was just manhart racing witch offerd an instand tune for the m5f10 with warranty (so called warranty). All the others had some issue (pp-performance told one member that the m5f10 is "chef sache" and the boss is just a few days away (i am not saying by now means that this is not true)

but we got the feeling that the tuning of the m5f10 is much more tricky than for example the x6m/x5m engine...
And of course if it comes down to warranty, than again it looks completly different. BMW will refuse anything if a tune is detected.

I for my part will wait a few months till some results are out (0-300kmh etc) and reability is proofed with the transmission.
By no means i doubt the possibilities of the m5f10 engine

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