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Who is awaiting their F10 to go into production...Oil Pump Issue.

What does this mean for us. I have a car scheduled for production within two weeks. I am told that production is halted until further notice. What are your general feelings, and do you have a course of action?

I have sent emails to BMW NA and I am awaiting response. I am coming out of a lease around the anticipated time of delivery of my M5 and this now puts me a precarious position. This is obviously very troublesome to many M5 owners and prospective ones, but it will burden us if we do not get a real answer from BMW on our current position in line. Call me presumptuous but I am counting some sort of bureaucratic corporate BS response to my inquiry. If that happens I may not have a choice but to withdraw my deposit and get into the E63,CLS63, or Gran Taurismo. All having a higher MSRP, but lower lease amount due to the age and aggressiveness to move units. Some have called me opportunistic but if I have to wait with no certainty and be further inconvenienced by temporary transportation, then compensation should be etiquette. Not to mention my sheer display of true loyalty despite this situation. Most would back out IMO after hearing of something this serious on a new model release. (Yes I know it's been out since '12 elsewhere)