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Originally Posted by dkreidel View Post
I think if I were that close to 1200 miles I'd wait to have it serviced in the US when you take re-delivery. I put almost 3,000 miles on my M5 and had it serviced near London.

My car just went on the boat with 1,403 miles; I'll have the service done by my dealer before I take the car home.

FWIW, I know one other ED M5 owner that picked up his car September 1st and had a local dealer do the service. He had to make arrangements in advance as the dealer didn't keep the F10 M5 parts (oil filter plus ???) in stock. In addition, there aren't that many F10 M5s running around Europe, your's may be the first one the dealer has ever seen. I didn't want them to learn on my car and in reality I don't think there's anything particularly magic about "1,200." But I wonldn't go too far over.

Also, the reimbursement you get from BMW NA (actually your dealer gets reimbursed by NA) will be at the amount your dealer would have charged, not necessarily what you had to pay in Europe.