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Originally Posted by aculeg87 View Post
As for our concern, it would appear we are getting the corrected oil pumps. However, my logical part of my brain remains skeptical. If they had a bunch of "good" oil pumps at the factory, shouldn't they have prioritized them and shipped them immediately to the U.S? Anyway, we're told things are going as planned, I just hope they are not blowing smoke up our asses to keep us happy for now.
Not necessarily. I was talking to my CA earlier today about this whole situation and he made 2 commets that make me believe you are likely OK:

1. He commented about how expensive it is to shut down a production line. Particularly since the M5 is produced on the same line as regular 5 series cars, so it's a double whammy.

2. BMW is already incurring significant monitary and reputational costs due to this issue. They probably don't want to risk losing a bunch of orders because of a production delay. I was very surprised to learn that of the 686 M5s affected by the recall, only 2/3 of them are owned by customers. The other 1/3 are still in delear inventory. That's a pretty startling statistic on a very recently released M vehicle.

Just some assumptions on my part, but since you have not been told there will be a delay I would assume everything is moving forward.
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