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Hotel Koneggishoff was fantastic and the restaurant is one of the best in the city. Last night in Munich, which was two nights ago, we stayed at the Bayerisherhoff (sorry for spelling) and it was off the chain!! As a member of Leading Hotels they gave me a free upgrade... to the friggin presidential suite! 2 stories, living room, steam shower, jacuzzi bath tub, espresso machine, it was the nicest room i have ever been in and it cost me 540 euros, normal price was 3400 but the upgrade was available. I am NOT affiliated in any way with Leading Hotels of the World but it is the single best investment ever, period. Free breakfast, wi fi, upgrades, free gift of typically wine or champagne upon arrival, all for $150, its a no brainer. Look for my posts soon on the whole ED experience, just flew in last night so not enough time yet to gather pics and stories. Enjoy your stay, Munchen is a great city!
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