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Originally Posted by M54ccibo View Post
They absolutely spoke English, quite well in fact. Really nice people at the office. I was a bit worried but that was unfounded. I do find while in Europe, especially France, that trying to use the local language (hello, please, thank you, goodbye) goes a LONG way. Even over email. I can also back the fact that someone else posted either here or one of the other forums that the volume of BMWs going through Nice is on the rise, and as such they have at least one, if not two truck per week heading out. I dropped off on 9/17, and I'm scheduled to be on a ship leaving tonight. Took less than a week to get to I am guessing no intermediary stops. At least 8 bimmers were there when I dropped.
Thanks for the info. I still have not received a response to the email I sent last week. I would think that since I wrote it in French that I would get a response right away. I don't know if it is because it is too early as I intend to drop off the car on 12th October and it is just 27 September. Per the drop off info, it states to call or email just 4 days prior to drop off.