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Strange question: M5 or 991? (updated with crappy iPhone pic)

Hey Guys,

Little background, my lease ends in a few months on my E92. I have no kids, and I have my wife's 535 GT. I am not a huge multiple cars kind of guy. One of the reasons that I love my E92 is that is very versatile and feels like a smaller car, carry golf clubs in trunk but still a lot of car for public roads.

I always wanted a 911, and from the reviews the 991 seems to be more inline with a luxury sport with tech as opposed to just a sports car.

However, a M5 seems to be a much better value, dollar for dollar, in tech, performance, and versatility. Pretty much $100K for either car, not a 991 S mind you. On a side note, the M6 is ridiculously overpriced in my opinion.

Just wonder for you guys with the M5 as your only car, or main car, do you ever pine for the smaller sport car or the M5 enough for you?

Test drives are always fun and too subjective for me. Like looking a new house, it is hard to figure out how you would like it if haven't spent some time living in it.


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