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Originally Posted by Rob///M5 View Post
No kids? Take the Porsche.

I have a little kiddo myself, so there's no contest. M5 wins.
Exactly...991 & M5 two different tools with different functions. I didn't consider the M5 until I had a baby on the way. I'm a car nut and I often like to take my car out when I can. I thought to myself, if it's a nice day and I have destination that requires me to bring along my wife and child, I can take my M5 and be comfortable. That is impossible with a 991 or other competing cars within that class. This is why the M5 is an awesome concept. A comfortable highway cruiser, or an amazing performing sports car that defies physics.

There you have it...What do you need your car to do for you? The Porsche is awesome, gorgeous, and fast...BUT...small inside, more money,and harsher ride. The Porsche will get more stares, and the M5 will blend in better. Some may prefer either or.

I wish you luck with your decision