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Originally Posted by topologe View Post
The "smile per mile" factor that you will get from the M5 and 911 are totally different. Since you already have a 535 GT, the M5 might feel like a souped up 535 to you. The 911 is a different animal, different smile per mile. I think the 911 will make you happier for a longer time. Why don't you get a nice used sporty sedan and the 911? Problem solved.
I just I am kind of strange that way...I don't like having multiple cars for myself. I love getting my wife something that I like for her, but I never saw the advantage of having a DD or a dedicated sports car. I have a short commute. I do not ski or snowboard anymore. I don't do track days. I have gotten 2 speeding tix over the last 15 years. I just love cars, not really collecting them. This is why I really enjoyed my E92. If the new one wasn't so ugly...and no, it won't grow on me...when the E92 came out, I LOVED the looks. Everything points to a 991, non-S, well equipped with PDK for just under $100K...the M5 is still a better deal