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ED trip exceeded all expectations!

Hello all,
I just returned from my ED trip. 2 F10M5 owners and 2 med school friends. All I can say is wow. I won't bore you with detailed descriptions of the car because I believe Stealth among others have already hit the salient points. I will add a couple observations and then get to the pics.

1. The roads in Germany and Austria are AMAZING. I am not exaggerating when I say it appears that they have paved the entire county within the last month. No imperfections or debris. Perfect tarmac.

2. AUDI drivers in Europe are the WORST!!!! By far the most aggressive drivers I encountered. Inferiority complex?! You be the judge.

3. I am aware that there are only certain areas of the autobahn that have unlimited speed limits, however I did not see one Police car pulling people over the entire trip in 3 countries, 7 days >1000km. Perhaps we were just lucky but I really felt I could drive as fast as I wanted when not in a town/city.

4. Everything that has been already said I would echo. The car's engine, exhaust note and transmission are sublime. I love to mod and would be hard pressed to mess with the stock exhaust. It sounds perfect.

5. Motorcycle levels of thrust. No joke.

6. With the exception of my buddy's M5, I saw only 1 M car on the road the entire trip. This surprised me. Do they sell many M cars in Germany?

Mine (Alpine white/sakhir/anthracite/DCT/20"/Exec)
Friends (Same but Singapore paint)

Now for some pics:
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F10 M5

HRE P101. Akrapovič evolution. H&R. Bell StiR+ Laser Interceptor quad. IND cosmetics. 3M CR50.

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